Park Eun-seok confronts Namgoong Min in new stills from ‘Doctor Prisoner’


On February 20, KBS2 released stills featuring Namgoong Min and Park Eun-seok in their upcoming medical drama Doctor Prisoner.

The stills show Namgoong Min (The Undateables) wearing scrubs for the first time, standing in the middle of an operating theatre and preparing for surgery. In frame with him is Park Eun-seok (Voice 2), wearing a formal suit. Park seems to have burst into the restricted area for outsiders to have an intense argument with Namgoong, who turns his back on him. Park gives Namgoong an angry look in one still and seems to be asking him to leave in another.

Photo Credit: Tenasia

Doctor Prisoner tells the story of Dr. Nah Yi-jae, played by Namgoong, the ace cardiothoracic surgeon of Taekang hospital who is forced to resign due to a medical incident and ends up working at a prison. Park Eun-seok is playing Lee Jae-hwan, the second son of the chairman of Taekang group. Rounding out the main cast are Kwon Na-ra (Dear Judge) and Kim Byung-chul, who was last seen as Professor Cha in JTBC’s SKY Castle and is garnering a lot of interest these days.

The production team of the drama asked the viewers to look forward to the confrontation scene between Namgoong Min and Park Eun-seok, as it is an important event that will bring about changes in the storyline. This scene could be related to the major incident in the hospital that will lead to the ouster of Dr. Nah. Namgoong’s charisma will combine with Park’s madness to make a memorable scene.

The drama is set to premiere on March 20, following Liver or Die in the Wednesday-Thursday time slot on KBS2. It will be competing with SBS’s Big Issue starring Joo Jin-mo and Han Ye-seul, as well as MBC’s The Banker, starring Kim Sang-joon.

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