Park EunBin Refuses Kim MinJae To Tie Her Shoes For This Reason In “Do You Like Brahms?” | Kpopmap – Kpop, Kdrama and Trend Stories Coverage


Do You Like Brahms?” is one of the most romantic dramas currently airing starring  Kim MinJae and Park EunBin. It tells the love and the uncertain dreams of 29-year-old classic music students.

In the drama, Kim MinJae is the talented pianist Park JoonYoung and Park EunBin is Chae SongAh who is studying violin. They are both developing feelings for each other.

Spoiler ahead of episode 7. 

Park EunBin confessed his feelings for him but he asked for some time as he had a one-sided love for years for another woman. In episode 7, Kim MinJae and Park EunBin were eating ice cream together.

He noticed that her shoe ties were untied and offered to tie them for her.

In most of the K-Dramas, she would have accepted happily the offer but that was not the case!

She refused that he tied her shoes and did it herself.

Park EunBin explained that in movies when the male lead tied the shoes of the girl, she falls for him. However, she refuses to fall in love with him.

It was quite a surprising twist. He was also surprised by her answer and they ended up laughing at her cheesy words.

Are you watching the drama? Do you like the couple?