Park Hee-soon talks about role, featured in new stills from ‘Beautiful World’


Park Hee-soon, an award-winning movie actor, has returned to the small screen through JTBC’s new drama Beautiful World. This is the actor’s first series in four years, and he hopes to bring courage to fathers from all over the world through his portrayal as a parent in the drama.

On March 13, JTBC released new stills from the drama featuring Park, who talked about his role in the series during an interview.

Beautiful World tells the story of a family searching for truth after their son falls victim to school violence. Park Hee-soon plays Park Moo-jin, a science teacher and father who will do anything to seek justice for his son’s suffering. Nam Da-reum and Choo Ja-hyun take on the role of his son and wife, respectively.

In the interview, the actor talked about why he accepted the role. “The fact that this drama tapped on relevant social topics like school violence and bullying has touched my heart.” He added that the script was well-made and that he had faith in the vision of the director and writer.

His character experiences great grief due to an unfortunate incident involving his son. However, he does not resort to plotting revenge. “It is painful and sad to have an event like that happen to your own family,” he said, “But rather than express anger, he dealt with it with patience. He wanted to protect his whole family.”

As an actor, Park Hee-soon is known for his previous characters’ notable lines. “I try not to be tied up to one character but somehow, the roles I choose are easily remembered by the viewers.” But for this role, he wishes to be just like any other father who aims to keep his family together in trying times.

Through his new character, he wishes to convey hope and encouragement to fathers who have faced or are facing the same issue.

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