Park JiHoon Confirms His Solo Debut On Mar. 26


The date for the solo debut album of Park JiHoon has been confirmed!

On Mar. 7, Maroo Entertainment announced that on Mar. 26, Park JiHoon’s first solo album will be made available through all different music online and offline stores.

After the disband of Wanna One, the idol has been focusing on his individual activities and held his very first solo fanmeeting in Korea back in February. He is also currently having his Asia fanmeeting tour “First Edition”. For more information on his tour, you can check out the post here.

His popularity proves to be on another level as the tickets for his fanmeeting was noted to have sold out in a short amount of time.

Daehak Naeil

In addition to that, Park JiHoon is also receiving numerous amount of love calls from the advertising industry, proposing the idea of him becoming the face of several products. Not long ago, it was revealed that he has become the model for beauty brand “4EVER&J”.

As the date of his solo debut is confirmed, many fans could not help but anticipate for his future activities.

Are you ready for Park JiHoon’s solo debut?