Park JiHoon Is A Gentleman For Lee RuBy In The Behind-The-Scene Of “Love Revolution” | Kpopmap – Kpop, Kdrama and Trend Stories Coverage


Kakao TV

Park JiHoon is the lead actor of the popular web drama “Love Revolution” along with THE BOYZ‘s YoungHoon, Lee RuBy, and more. He is receiving praise for his good acting.

In the behind the scene of the drama, Park JiHoon was seen being a caring gentleman for Lee RuBy. There is no wonder, he is a sweet guy.

They had to cross a little stream. Park JiHoon just jumped over it and he helped Lee RuBy to cross by handing her the umbrella with one hand. She crossed it safely.

You can watch the whole behind the scene on Kakao TV here at 00:20.

MAY could only find Park JiHoon more attractive and sweet.

Do you find Park JiHoon sweet too?