Park JiHoon Shows Off His Charismatic Charms In Taiwan Media Reception


On Mar. 1, Park JiHoon greeted the reporters who had long awaited him for the press conference of his Taiwan fanmeeting that will be held on Mar. 2.

Just Live Official

He appeared wearing a vertical striped matching tuxedo with his usual charming smile. Of course, he did not forget to do his signature ‘saving’ pose.

Just Live Official

As Taiwan is famous for their milk tea, the organizers of the fanmeeting, Just Live, also spice things up by presenting him with a glass of milk tea!

Park JiHoon looks really happy to receive the country’s specialty.

Just Live Official

When Park JiHoon was asked if he would be able to do a series of his famous posing sets, he happily accepted the offer and said ‘Of course’! After which, he looked into the cameras of all the reporters present on the spot.

Fans were more than delighted to see that the boy looking excited for his solo fanmeeting happening in Taiwan.

His fanmeeting will take place on Mar. 2 in 3/F of the National Taiwan University Sports Center.