Park Min-young gets into trouble with Kim Jae-wook in stills from ‘Her Private Life’


Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook are causing a commotion in the airport in the latest released stills from their upcoming tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama, Her Private Life.

The romantic comedy is about a woman, played by Park, who works as a professional art curator by day and a dedicated fangirl by night. Her love interest is named Ryan Gold, the new director of the art gallery where she is employed, played by Kim.

The new promos are taken from a scene in which Sung Deok-mi is waiting for singer Cha Si-an’s (played by ONE) arrival in the airport from New York. Dressed in all black and equipped with a giant camera, she is ready to take pictures of her no. 1 idol when she finds herself getting into a small fight along the airport’s arrival gate with Ryan Gold.

In the first photo, Ryan Gold looks annoyed at the many fans who are waiting for the celebrity. In the second, he is caught up in an embarrassing stance as Sung Deok-mi sits on his back, treating him like a comfortable cushion. She seems so focused on Cha that she still checks her camera despite the ongoing scuffle. In the last image, the two glare at each other. From the looks of it, Sung Deok-mi is yet unaware during this time that Ryan Gold is her new boss.

Her Private Life will air its first episode on April 10 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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