Park Min Young Toggles Curating and Fangirling and Dodges Kim Jae Wook in Full Preview for Her Private Life


I have a day job and blogging about K-dramas is a pure hobby so I’ll confess to totally feeling sympatico with female lead Park Min Young in tvN drama Her Private Life. She’s a no nonsense capable art museum curator by day and doggedly devoted idol fangirl by night/weekend, basically her private time is all about her idol fixation and girl uses all the tricks in her arsenal. She’s dressed like to conceal her identity with industrial grade face mask and hoodie when she’s out photographing her idol with mega SLR lenses on her camera and we see that juxtaposed with her calm and collected curator side at an art auction. Clearly her work life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns what with angry customers but once she crosses paths with her new boss played by Kim Jae Wook I’m sure the flying sparks will make her life way more interesting as he tries to figure her out.

First preview for Her Private Life: