Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin in New Media Stills for Memories of Alhambra


It took me six episodes to get invested in Memories of Alhambra but better late than never. I really do love episode 6, it’s the only one I’ve felt the urge to rewatch and got more out of it the second time around especially the visceral fear yet tight control Hyun Bin is showcasing as Jin Woo. I hope the writing around female lead Hee Joo transforms into something with more mandate on her part, she’s lived a full and independent life before crossing paths with Jin Woo and now all she does is act and react to whatever is happening to Jin Woo. Park Shin Hye hasn’t livened up yet, her performance so far lacks the natural effortless charm that permeated Pinocchio. As an onscreen OTP I need more time to see if the two gell but their recent media promo photo shoot is an optimistic sign that they look great together.