Park Yoochun Claims He Was Unaware of Purchasing Drugs and Only Did Transaction at Request of Hwang Hana


You known when a kid does something bad and when caught by the parent digs oneself deeper into the hole by throwing out far-fetched excuses one after another? Yeah, that about describes Park Yoochun and his explanation for this latest drug use bust. Police have him on CCTV depositing money into an account, and his hands showing visible needle marks, and later after 20 minutes picking up a package of drugs. Yoochun claimed he deposited the money at the request of former fiancee Hwang Hana and was picking up the items for her, and he did not know it was drugs. He claimed the prick marks on his hand were simply an accidental injury from being poked by something sharp. Man, LV should sue him for carrying their brief case on his perp walk and being associated with him, and what a doof for wearing a sweatshirt that reads “Lazy”. Sigh, I’m too tired from this barrage of K-ent shit to even lol at his lame excuses and lame attire.