Professional footballer Paul Pogba, who currently plays for Manchester United F.C, recently visited South Korea for the very first time and attended an event hosted by global sports and fashion brand Adidas.


During an interview, the host asked the French footballer if he was aware of South Korean footballer Lee KangIn, who currently plays for Valencia . Lee is currently one of South Korea’s rising athletes.

Unfortunately, Paul Pogba stated that he has never heard of Lee KangIn, but was hoping to see him play in the finals.

While it seemed to have ended at just that, Pogba then cleverly stated:

“I know BTS though.”

He stated that he was unable to sing any of their songs because he wasn’t such a great singer, causing the crowd to burst into laughter. Pogba has also stated that if he had a different career other than being a world class footballer, he would have tried out as a singer and dancer in the K-Pop industry.

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