PD Hwang In-hyuk: ‘Doctor Prisoner’ combines several genres


Doctor Prisoner held a press conference on March 18, boasting about its unique genre as a “medical crime drama.” The new series, which aired its first episode Wednesday night, offers its viewers a seemingly convoluted narrative about a brilliant doctor seeking revenge against his former workplace from which he was unjustly ousted.

Vengeance is obviously central to the drama’s story development but it seems like viewers will get more than revenge and emotional hospital scenes.

According to Hwang In-hyuk (Laurel Tree Tailors), the director of the series, “It’s hard to define the drama’s genre as it is a mixture of a lot of genres. I think we basically refer to it as a medical crime drama, but the main characters have their own layers that we all have yet to discover.”

Dr. Nah Yi-jae, the protagonist played by Namgoong Min, is definitely one of those characters whose development is something the viewers should look forward to in the series. He is known as an exceptional and sympathetic physician, but he will turn into someone who will even hurt people in an effort to take back what he has lost. After a medical scandal in the famous hospital where he is employed, he ends up working in the health unit of a correctional facility—a very disappointing setback which drives him to become aggressive and desperate. 

“Our writer crafted a great drama. Park Gye-ok went to a medical department in prison to know about how life works there. Our drama has different motifs,” PD Hwang added. It has been five years since writer Park penned a script for a TV series (Inspiring Generation) but the director is confident in her ability to create a compelling and interesting story.

During the press conference, Namgoong Min shared, “I read the script a lot. I was waiting for this kind of material since it was a genre that is new to me.”

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