Penultimate Episode 15 of Memories of Alhambra Teases Game and Male Lead Life Reboot Type Ending


Sat-Sun tvN drama Memories of Alhambra entered its final weekend of airing with a sense of thank goodness it’s almost over and wistfulness of what could have been has the writer picked a path and stuck to it. The bibimbap-ing of Jin Woo’s game quest with Hee Joo’s worry for her missing brother and then smushing their two concerns into a forced romance created glaring narrative flow problems much like the AR game glitches. Too big not to notice even if I wanted to love this drama and was partial to giving it passes.

Nevertheless the drama is wrapping up with one big problem left which is how to reboot the game and end Jin Woo’s forever fighting real life, and that may involve killing him in the game as NPC Emma tried to do with the knife hidden in the key because Jin Woo is the “bug”. It’s really the Master that is the bug and with Jin Woo finishing his quest and becoming the new Master, Se Joo is released and Jin Woo takes on the brunt of it all. Honestly has there been a male lead with a shittier lot in life in recent memory? I think Jin Woo needs a forever vacation after this is all done and if he wants to take Hee Joo I’m all for it.