Penultimate Episode 19 of Cable Drama Sky Castle Hits 23.216% Ratings as It Reaches Untouchable Ratings Level Ahead of Finale Next Friday


Sorry for not updating on record shattering cable drama Sky Castle last week, I needed to recover from my brain being smashed in Memories of Alhambra and then whiplashing from the tedious episode 15 of Encounter to its beautiful final episode 16 ending. It appears the power of Sky Castle remains unfettered despite a one episode preemption on Friday night for the AFC Asia cup match between South Korea and Qatar. Episode 19 aired this Saturday to yet another new ratings high of 23.216%, at this point higher BY FAR than the closest cable drama competitors Answer Me 1988, Goblin, and Mr. Sunshine. Ratings are meant to be broken but I am truly doubtful a cable drama will beat Sky Castle’s phenomenal success anytime soon. The cast and crew attending the drama wrap party this weekend as well and is all going on a reward trip in the new future. I wonder if next week’s final episode 20 will break 25%, that would be equivalent to something like a weekday prime time drama breaking 50%.