Photographer ROTTA Sentenced Prison Time For Molestation


Photographer ROTTA (Choi WonSeok), known for his Lolita concept in the past, has recently been sentenced to eight months in prison for molestation.

The prosecution also handed down an 80 hour sexual violence treatment requirement along with a three year restriction from being employed by organizations that caters to the youth and children.

According to the prosecution, ROTTA denied accusations of sexual harassment, but once it was revealed that there was in fact physical contact between him and the victim, he later changed his statement, showing inconsistencies in his statements.

After being charged for molestation, ROTTA stated the following below.

“I am saddened by the fact that the outcome of this case has brought forth a different version of the truth that I am aware of. The friend (victim) first reached out to me to take photos for her. I believe she is doing this to secure her position within the industry.”


rotta photographer


However, this is not the first time that ROTTA has been accused of sexual harassment as several alleged victims came forth in the past as well.