“Please Melt Me” (2019 Drama): Cast & Summary

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Top Hallyu star Ji ChangWook is back from the mandatory military service and “Please Melt Me” will be his first project after discharge. Many fans have been waiting for his comeback. The drama is in the center of attention.

Ji ChangWoo is well-known for his multiple charms and excellent acting. He has the sweet charms perfect for romance dramas as well as the charisma and action skills required for thrillers. Among his famous dramas, there are “Empress Ki” (2013), “Healer” (2014), “The K2” (2016), and “Suspicious Partner” (2017).

For his return, the actor chose this fantasy comedy and many are curious to know who will be the lead actress. Stay tuned as we will update.

The writer of the drama is Baek MiKyung who has worked for example on the popular drama “Strong Woman Do BongSoon” (2017).

Here is more information. We will keep on updating as more information, posters, and teaser are released, stay tuned.


Please Melt Me (2019)

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Title: Please Melt Me/Nal nogyeojwo/날 녹여줘

Director: Shin WooChul

Writer: Baek MiKyung

Network: tvN

Runtime: Second Half of 2019

# of Episodes: –

Language: Korean



It tells the romance of a man and a woman who participated in a project of being frozen for 24 hours. Because of a mysterious reason, they only woke up 20 years later. There are side effects of this, to be able to survive they need to maintain an average body temperature of 31.5°C and have to control their burning heart.



Please Melt Me cast, Please Melt Me summary, Please Melt Me drama, Please Melt Me ji changwook


Ji ChangWook as Ma DongChan

He is a popular producing director of variety shows. He is talented as he knows the trends and what will be a hit.

He came up with the idea of producing a variety show named “The Frozen Human Project”. He participated himself in the show where he was supposed to be woken up after 24 hours of being frozen.

However, when he wakes up, it is 20 years later. He wakes up with the same face he had 20 years ago, he did not age. He still looks as handsome as before. While on the contrary, his family and colleagues aged 20 years.



She participates in the “The Frozen Human Project” with Ma DongChan.


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