Pledis Entertainment Apologizes For Recent SEVENTEEN Airport Incident

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Pledis Entertainment recently released an official apology after their group SEVENTEEN arrived late for their flight, causing approximately a one hour delay for all the passengers.

According to one passenger, several other passengers were quite angry at the fact that their flight was being delayed because celebrities have not arrived to board the plane. The passenger also pointed out that if it was normal for a plane to not take off if any passengers didn’t arrive on time, there would be no grounds to complain. However, the passenger stated that the airlines (Asian Airlines) was giving preferential treatment to the boy group members, as flights usually do not wait for late passengers.

Pledis Entertainment released an official apology, citing that SEVENTEEN members being told to fill in documents by airport staff as the main cause of the delay.

The flight was from Okinawa, Japan to Incheon, South Korea, while the original time of arrival was 3:25 PM. The flight arrived in Incheon at 4:34 PM.