Police Currently Investigating BIGBANG SeungRi For Burning Sun Scandal

bigbang seungri

Not too long ago, the South Korean authorities released an official statement saying that they were considering investigating into BIGBANG member SeungRi, who was the former director of club Burning Sun, to determine whether he was involved in drug trafficking and the scandal surrounding the club.

Netizens were furious that the authorities were only contemplating on whether they should investigate into the K-Pop idol and have been strongly expressing and accusing corruption within the police.

However, it seems that the police have now launched a full investigation into SeungRi and is not exempt. Currently, all staff members of Burning Sun and club owners within the Gangnam district are being closely watched and interrogated.

In addition, the police have also stated that it is likely SeungRi will be questioned about what his exact role was as the director for the club and may have to undergo a drug test as well.

Stay tuned for updates!