Police Uniform In SeungRi’s Selfie Belongs To The Chief Of Police?

seungri police uniform

A while back, former BIGBANG member SeungRi, who is currently being investigated for solicitation of prostitutes, police collusion, and tax evasion, uploaded a selfie while wearing a police uniform.

The South Korean authorities are currently looking into how he was able to acquire one. There have been speculations that the uniform may have belonged to the chief of police who allegedly helped him cover up legal troubles.

According to SeungRi, he rented the costume through a rental company known as Gagsital. The store has responded and stated that the K-Pop idol rented the costume after going through the correct processing. The store added that police uniforms cannot be rented out simply through filing information through a mobile phone, and instead includes a submission of a full length detail explaining the purpose of the rental along with a background check. Moreover, Gagsital has stated that the name tag on the uniform worn by SeungRi wasn’t part of the rental.

Investigations for SeungRi’s current legal troubles are ongoing.

Stay tuned for updates!