Policeman Who Beat Burning Sun Victim Revealed To Have Been Multiple Sex Crime Offender

burning sun police rape assault

The policeman who beat club Burning Sun victim Kim SangGyo outside the club with other staff members is currently being investigated for sexual assault.

According to various reports from South Korean news agencies, the policeman currently only identified by his surname Ha, has actually been sexually harassing a female colleague.

The female colleague stated that Ha had been stalking her for quite a while and sexually harassed her inside a patrol car.

But the most shocking part of all of this is that it wasn’t his first time. Reports say he sexually harassed another female colleague in the previous precinct that he was stationed at, but it seems that his past history of crimes remained as a secret within the police department.

This recent news may just be one key information that raises a bigger concern in South Korea as the person who was tasked with protecting the nation has just been revealed to have been committing crimes himself.

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