Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Tops List of Most Talked About K-drama of 2018 Followed by My Ahjusshi and Mr. Sunshine


Korean polling site Good Data released on January 1 the results of the 2018 K-drama buzz meter, aka the most talked about K-dramas of the year. Coming in first is jTBC romance Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain), which was fantastic for 8 episodes and then was just annoying for the rest. Second place went to tvN series My Ahjusshi with Mr. Sunshine coming in third. After that it’s more tvN series with Why Secretary Kim in fourth and then 100 Days My Prince fifth. After that the second half are more cable dramas with sixth spot going to The Beauty Inside, then scary The Guest in seventh place followed by Misty, My ID is a Gangnam Beauty, and the sole prime time drama on the list Return in tenth. I think this poll would change if the December 2018 dramas were finished airing including Sky Castle, Encounter (Boyfriend) and Memories of Alhambra otherwise I think it’s fairly accurate. With 2018 done, now onwards to 2019 K-dramas!