PRISTIN Having Disbanded Now Almost Certain After KyulKyung Opens Instagram After Kyla


When Kyla first opened her Instagram account, PRISTIN fans initially thought that she left the girl group as it is not common for rookie idols to be given the freedom to use social media by their agencies. However, KyulKyung recently having opened hers as well has now caused fans to believe that the inactive girl group has now disbanded.

Of course, the girl group’s agency Pledis Entertainment has neither confirmed nor denied the disbandment of PRISTIN, but given that they have not been active since March 2018, fans have been speculating that the agency has no intentions of reviving them from inactivity.

However, things are even more perplexing at the moment as KyulKyung’s Instagram (zhoujieqiong.jong) account has suddenly disappeared.


How do you interpret the recent Instagram activities of the two PRISTIN members? Are they signaling a comeback perhaps?