“Produce 101” S2 & Rainz Member Jang DaeHyeon To Debut As A Solo Artist


Solo singer Jang DaeHyeon has opened his official SNS channels and emblem prior to his solo debut that is happening on Aug. 24.

For those who recall, Jang DaeHyeon had previously made his appearance on Mnet “Produce 101” Season 2 and debuted as a member of project group, Rainz.

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Looking at his official Twitter account, he had also uploaded a video clip sharing that he will be repaying his fans through various contents and activities in the near future. He also asked his fans to wait for a little while longer and thank them for always supporting and encouraging him.

With his solo debut happening on Aug. 24, Jang DaeHyeon had also released his official emblem.

OUI Entertainment

Aside from the solo debut news Jang DaeHyeon had brought to his fans, it was also said that he will be holding his very first solo debut fan concert on Aug. 24 as well.

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OUI Entertainment

With the amount of preparation that he has been doing, many fans are grateful to see that he is doing well and hope to see even more of him as soon as possible.

Who else is excited for his debut?