“Produce 48” Chiba Erii Confirmed To Appear On Mnet “Yoohak SoNyeo (UHSN) – Ticket To K-Pop”

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Do you remember AKB48‘s Chiba Erii who had previously appeared on Mnet “Produce 48”?

Back then, she received lots of attention for her young and innocent look from the viewers. Although she did not make it to the final top 12, many would say that Chiba Erii had gained a lot of exposure.


It looks like she will be returning to Korea to appear on another program on Mnet! It is none other than “Yoohak SoNyeo – Ticket To K-Pop”!

Some time ago, Mnet was looking for female foreign K-Pop fans from all over the world to apply for this program. It is going to be a variety show where the girls learn about Korean, K-Beauty, the culture, dancing, singing and many more!

It was revealed that there will be 10 girls from different countries and culture chosen to be on the show.

You can take a look at the teaser below.

“Yoohak SoNyeo – Ticket to K-Pop” aims to start airing in May.

Are you looking forward to the show?