“Produce 48” Lee SiAn Makes Surprise Appearance In D1CE Music Video Teaser ‘Draw You’ | Kpopmap


D1CE YouTube Screenshot

is making a comeback with their 2nd mini album “DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME” on June 18.

On June 10, they had released the music teaser for their title track ‘Draw You’ and if you have yet to check out the short clip, you can do so below.

In just 19 seconds, fans were able notice that light was shining in an empty room and also see that a girl had appeared in the music video.

D1CE YouTube Screenshot

Some may or may not recognise her but for those who did, they could tell that it was Lee SiAn who had previously appeared on Mnet “Idol School” as well as “Produce 48”. She seemed to have a melancholy look on her face, suggesting that the song has sad meaning behind.

Since Lee SiAn is going to appear in the music video, it had caused even more fans to become more excited for the release of D1CE’s 2nd mini album.

Ever since the end of the audition program, many of her fans have been curious as to her whereabouts. Seeing her appearance in D1CE ‘Draw You’ music video had also given her fans some hope that she is still going to make her debut as an idol come true.

D1CE’s comeback has also caused many of their fans to be more hyped up than before after noticing the difference in music style they had attempted with ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Draw You’.

D1CE will be releasing their 2nd mini album “DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME” on June 17.

Are you excited for their return?