PSY Breaks Silence Amidst Accusations Of Yang HyunSuk Soliciting Investors For Business Investors


Just recently, YG Entertainment’s head Yang HyunSuk has been accused of soliciting prostitutes for business investors.

In addition, MBC’s documentary ‘Straight’ has also spoke of a world-famous singer who used to be affiliated with YG Entertainment but later went on to form his own agency, was also present during the time where sexual services were being provided.

Not too long after, PSY broke his silence and defended Yang HyunSuk by stating that neither he nor Yang were aware of anything related to soliciting prostitutes, and that the pair were merely at a gathering with a businessman from Malaysia to have a meal together.

In addition, PSY claims that he and Yang HyunSuk left the gathering quite early. The ‘Gangnam Style’ singer added about the Malaysian businessman saying:

“Whether he was a good or bad person, I don’t know but I will be quite clear and honest and admit that I was his friend.”

PSY has also apologized to fans and the public for any discomfort that they may have felt.

Stay tuned for updates!