Queen of Mystery 2: Korean Drama Review

Queen of mystery 2: Korean drama review

Queen Of Mystery 2 Cast

Yoo Seol-Ok – Choi Gang-Hee
Ha Wan-Seung – Kwon Sang-Woo
Woo Sung-Ha – Park Byung-Eun
Kim Kyung-Mi – Kim Hyun-Sook
Jung Hee-Yeon – Lee Da-Hee
Gye Sung-Woo – Oh Min-Suk
Hwang Jae-Min – Kim Min-Sang
Jo In-Ho – Kim Won-Hae
Yook Seung-Hwa – Hong Ki-Joon
Shin Jang-Goo – Kim Jong-Soo
Shin Na-Ra – Min A
Kong Han-Min – Min Sung-Wook
Kim Moon-Ki – Jang Yoo-Sang
Lee Sun-Ho – Kim Jong-Hyun
Ha Ji-Seung – Kim Tae-Woo
Bo-Kook/Secretary Kim – Park Ji-Il
Seo Hyun-Soo – Hong Soo-Hyun
Won-Jae – Park Min-Soo
Ye-Na – Um Chae-Young
Park Ki-Beom – Dong Ha

Queen Of Mystery 2 Plot

Yoo Seol-Ok is an extraordinarily talented lady on solving crimes. She got divorced and dreams to be a police officer. Despite being a crime-solving genius, she struggles to pass the exam and is often distracted by helping the police with live cases. She studies in several academies because she is desperate to be a real police officer.

Detective Ha Wan-Seung is talented but struggles to get along with his colleagues. He teams up with Yoo Seol-Ok to solve crimes despite the disagreement with his superiors because she is not a real police officer. With Yoo Seol-Ok’s help, they become successful in solving crimes and he gets closer to other officers.

My Thoughts On Queen Of Mystery 2

Dramas or movies with a sequel are often compared to each other and this one is not an exception. I have watched the first Queen Of Mystery that’s why I did not let this one pass. This drama is indeed really famous here in South Korea, no doubt but I still prefer the first Queen Of Mystery because there, Yoo Seol-Ok was still in constant hiding from both her mother-in-law and other police officers but in this drama, police officers sometimes simply turn a blind eye just to solve the crimes faster. Nevertheless, this drama is great.

Warning, major spoilers ahead.

Yoo Seol-Ok remained witty and funny without being overly dramatic about it. Her ajuma character who is a genius in solving crimes but clueless in cooking and other household chores really got me. I like those scenes where she tries to cook weird stuff and asks Detective Ha Wan-Seung to eat it and the detective blatantly tells her how horrible her cooking skill is. It didn’t stop the detective though from falling in love with her.

Queen of Mystery 2: Korean Drama Review

As I said in the beginning, I like the first Queen of Mystery due to the added conflict in the plot that she had to hide her involvement in solving crimes but this drama also satisfies other viewer’s wish for her to be recognized. She was even awarded as an honorary police officer after solving a crime that became popular. However, being an honorary police officer did not make her a real policewoman. She was just awarded because the police department does not want to be criticized for ignoring her contribution. She ended up working again in the shadows until she got the job as an administrative assistant in the police station where Detective Ha Wan-Seung works. After getting the job, she was able to get more access to restricted information. Even other police officers acknowledged her skills and instead of asking her to clean their stations, they did it themselves to give her free time to work on cases.

Subtle Romance Here on Queen Of Mystery 2 Drama

This drama has a subtle romance. I personally don’t like cheesy romance so this is good for those who have the same taste with me. The drama obviously shows that they like each other but not showing kissing, hugging, or overly romantic lines. There was even a scene where Yoo Seol-Ok and Detective Ha-Wan-Seong are tailing on suspects in a jewelry store but Seol-Ok was distracted by the ring. Later on, the detective got a ring for her, which she did not receive because they both got so drunk.

The love triangle is not strong. Jung Hee-Yeon, Detective Ha Wan-Seung first love whom he thought was dead does not have the strong desire to covet his love. She did try to hide the ring that was meant for Seol Ok but she does not want the detective to know about her identity to save him from danger. She was bent on getting revenge and she knows how to play dirty to be successful. She plays the innocent pastry chef who makes beautiful cakes but behind that, she is bribing powerful people and causing deaths to get her revenge. So she loves him but does not have any intention to be with him.

Supporting Characters Did Not Have Any Major Shift In Roles

The supporting characters retained their characters from the first drama which is a plus for me. There were additional characters but if you have watched the first drama, it will not be confusing. Seol-Ok’s best friend, Kim Kyung-Mi became a police officer but still serves as a friend who is always there for her in all her weirdness. She is also funny, especially when she started working in the police force. She had to endure the antics of the mad genius laboratory officer Hwang Jae-Min because he is her boss. During her introduction, he pulled a prank on her by using a light that made her face looks like it was stuck in the fence and she became a laughing stock. She easily adapts to situations though so it didn’t take long for her to make the laboratory genius like her.

Queen of Mystery 2 : A Korean Drama Review

Hwang Jae-Min is hilarious with his unkempt hair and unpredictable behavior. Other officers are scared of him but they know that he is really great in analyzing crime details so they are extra careful when asking favors. Yoo Seol-Ok on the other hand, gets along with him. She knows how to make him agree with her by boosting his ego. She always compliments him and that seems to please him.

Queen of Mystery 2: Korean Drama Review

Bromance is also strong in this drama. At first, Detective Ha Wan-Seung hated the profiler, Woo Sung-Ha. He is famous but the detective is not impressed with his skills. He is also in conflict with another police officer, Gye Sung-Woo who attended the same police academy with him. He does not like the fact that he is his superior at work.

Queen of Mystery 2: Korean Drama Review

Yoo Seol-Ok pretty much solved the tension between the three. She likes Woo Sung-Ha because of his profiling ability and she often consults him to get his opinion on a case. She can be absentminded sometimes though because she does not notice that Detective Ha Wan-Seung is getting jealous. She also likes Gye Sung-Woo because he is bookish and has a good memory.

Overall, this is a must-watch drama. It’s not too heavy but still has intense action. It’s an all-in-one drama with comedy, romance, and action.

Queen Of Mystery 2: Korean Drama