Rain, Lim Ji-yeon straddle 2 different worlds in ‘Welcome 2 Life’ character posters


On July 5, MBC’s Welcome 2 Life unveiled the character posters of its main cast comprising of Rain, Lim Ji-yeon, and Kwak Si-yang.

Welcome 2 Life is a fantasy romance cum investigative drama that tells the story of a self-centered lawyer who, after a fatal accident, gets sucked into a parallel world and transforms into a hard-working and just prosecutor. It is one of the record-high 17 Korean dramas that will premiere in July.

The drama’s newly released posters depict the contrasting dual images of the main characters in the “real” vs. the parallel worlds.

In the case of Rain, aka Jung Ji-hoon (Sketch), the poster depicts his two roles—as the unapproachable and vicious lawyer Lee Jae-sang in the real world, as well as the calm and warm-hearted prosecutor in the parallel world—and signals the transformation his character will undergo.

Lim Ji-yeon (Blow Breeze), who plays Lee Jae-sang’s ex-girlfriend Ra Si-on in the real world and his wife in the parallel world, also shows dual charms in her posters. Her detective character is dressed in loose-fitting shirts and has an almost boyish haircut. She comes across as cold and calculating in the real world, but changes into a welcoming woman with a lovely smile in the parallel world.

Kwak Si-yang (Chicago Typewriter), meanwhile, is the only cast member with a single image on the poster, right where the two different worlds merge. Standing on the border of the real and parallel, with his arms folded and a defiant expression on his face, he seems to be the only one aware of what is happening. Kwak Si-yang will essay the role of Goo Dong-taek, Ra Si-on’s trusted work partner

Welcome 2 Life is MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama that is directed by Kim Keun-hong of the Make A Woman Cry fame. It will premiere on July 29, following Investigation Couple 2.

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