Ratings Of OCN Drama “Watcher” With Seo KangJoon (First & Second Week)

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“Watcher” is a psychological thriller of the cable channel OCN.

It tells the story of three persons whose lives were collapsed by a tragic incident and who came to work in the police internal corruption team. They dig into the realms of power. Seo KangJoon, Kim HyunJoo, and Han SukKyu are the main actors.

The drama airs on Saturday-Sunday at 10:20 pm KST on cable channel OCN. The drama started on July 6.

According to Nielsen Korea, ratings of the drama are the following. On July 6, the 1st episode had 3% and on July 7, the 2nd episode had 4.5%. On July 13, the 3rd episode had 3.7% and on July 14, the 4th episode had 4.5%.

Ratings are slowly increasing.


The drama is at the top of the most searched dramas of the day ranked 4th on Naver (as for July 14).

Did you start watching the drama?