Ratings Of TvN Drama “Romance Is A Bonus Book” With Lee JongSuk And Lee NaYoung (Sixth Week)

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“Romance is a Bonus Book” also called “Romance is a Supplement” is a romantic comedy with Lee JongSuk and Lee NaYoung. The drama is at its sixth week of airing.

The drama tells the stories of people who work at a publishing company and the love story between a genius writer and the youngest chief editor at the publishing company (Lee JongSuk) and a divorced mom going through hardships who is penniless and homeless and who is trying her best to find a job (Lee NaYoung). For more information, posters, and trailer about the drama, you can check our cast and summary here.

The drama airs on Saturday-Sunday at 9 pm KST on cable channel tvN.

According to Nielsen Korea, ratings of the drama in its sixth week are the following, on Mar. 2, the 11th episode had 5, and on Mar. 3, the 12th episode had 5.2%.

Ratings are decreasing from last week.


You can check previous ratings here.

The drama is at the top of the most searched dramas of the day ranked 3rd on Naver (as for Mar. 3).

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