Read The E-Mail Yang HyunSuk Wrote To All YG Employees Amidst Prostitute Solicitation Accusations

yang hyunsuk

YG Entertainment’s head Yang HyunSuk, who is currently being accused of soliciting prostitutes for a business investor, has recently written an e-mail to all employees, declaring his innocence.

Furthermore, former YG artist PSY, who was also reportedly present at a dinner party where according to rumors, sexual services were allegedly being provided to business investors, has also recently broke his silence and claimed that he merely introduced Yang and the business investor from Malaysia to each other, and left the dinner gathering after finishing their meal.

Below is an e-mail that Yang HyunSuk recently sent to all of the staff members of YG Entertainment.

“I feel I should apologize firstly to everyone, for causing alarm after the recent news reports. I went to pay respect to my father who passed away two years right after recording for a broadcast, and didn’t have much time.

The suspicions that have been reported on May 27th are not true. I never engaged in any behavior that the reports suggest I did, and never did anything that would bring embarrassment to everyone. The truth will soon be disclosed to the world.

Thanks to everyone’s creativity and hard work, YG has been able to grow for the past twenty three years. My position is to protect that growth, and I have not forgotten what my responsibilities are.”

Nate Pann