Red Velvet Actually Have House Rules That They Abide By Together

red velvet joy

SM Entertainment

When you live together in a group, it’s wise to set up a few rules for everyone to abide by in order to avoid conflict.

SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet has a couple of rules that they all keep, as revealed by group member Joy on ‘Happy Together 4’.

The rules, of course, have changed over the seven years that they’ve been together. Joy revealed that in the early days, the group members would have to report and notify to the other members of the group what they ate that day. It seems that this was done in order for the group members to help each other maintain their health. And the other rule was that they had to tell each other whenever they were leaving the house, having a curfew of 11 PM as well.

Those rules were of the past. Joy revealed that the new rules come down to two basic things.

The first rule was that if any of the members wanted to invite family or friends over to the house, they had to let everyone know in advance. Joy confessed that she once brought her sister over and got scolded by the other members for doing so.


The second rule?

It turns out that their socks and under garments keep disappearing, which is the reason why all the members have agreed to wash all of their own under garments by hand.



Red Velvet recently released their hit single ‘Psycho’, which has been rumored to be included in the official soundtracks for the upcoming film ‘Birds of Prey’.

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