Red Velvet Irene To Feature As Solo Artist In Upcoming Song In August

red velvet irene

According to South Korean news agency Insight, SM Entertainment made an announcement of Red Velvet member Irene featuring as a solo artist in an upcoming song this August.

On July 25th, SM revealed that they signed a deal with a DJ known as DJ Raiden, who will be releasing a single titled ‘The Only’. Who is DJ Raiden? In case you’re wondering, you can check out the clip below to get an idea.

And the best part about all of this is that Irene will be featured as a solo artist in ‘The Only’. If there have been any Reveluv who have been wanting to find out how Irene would sound like as a solo artist, this upcoming release is just one step closer to that becoming a reality.

‘The Only’ is scheduled to be released on August 2nd.

Stay tuned for updates!