Reporter Who First Brought Up SeungRi’s KakaoTalk Conversation About Prostitutes Says There’s More


The reporter who first wrote an article about BIGBANG member SeungRi’s KakaoTalk conversation with two of his associates, employee “Kim” and singer “C”, has just revealed that she is about to release a follow up report, meaning that what we saw and read up until now was not the full story.

On February 27th, she appeared on SBS’s ‘Love FM Lee JaeIk’s Politics Show’ to give a statement regarding YG Entertainment accusing her of fabricating the KakaoTalk messages.

She stated:

“I have so much more to lose than win by fabricating a story like that. I’d lose everything. And that’s the truth.”

In addition, the reporter also revealed the 2nd North Korea and United States Summit as the reason why she was pacing herself and not giving the entire story to the public all at once.

Stay tuned for updates!