RM & His Methods Of Waking Up Each BTS Members From Sleep

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Big Hit Entertainment

BTS’s leader RM has a lot of responsibilities he must attend to on a daily basis. After all, he is the leader of the group.

And as the leader of the group, it’s his responsibility to ensure that all the group members don’t oversleep and are up to go on about with their daily schedules.

It seems that years of being together as one group has taught RM the methods to wake then up from their sleep. He knows what to do for each member.

RM wakes up first as usual.


And everyone else in the room with him, Suga and J-Hope, can’t help but also wake up as his alarm goes off, waking them up as well.


To wake up V, all he has to do is take away his blanket. V is known to be quite a heavy sleeper. Pulling off those warm blankets and leaving him in the cold should do the trick!


As for Jin, well since he’s the oldest, all RM’s going to do is just notify him that it’s time to get up and be active for the day’s schedules.


JiMin and JungKook have it the worst. RM turns off the bright lights to get them completely awake.