Romance is a Bonus Book Features Entire Cast on Book Jacket Spines Along with Cute Dancing Preview


Upcoming tvN Sat-Sun drama Romance is a Bonus Book (Romance Supplement) is really playing up its literary roots. From the first couple’s posters with leads Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young hiding behind books both big and normal sized, the work place romance between a publisher and writer dances between the pages of literary touches. The latest full cast poster shows the entire extended cast as on book jacket spines lined up like books on a shelf in different heights. The drama also released a new teaser that riffs on Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and Manhole, among others using that concept, where the cast does a funny dance. This one wins only because I can’t unsee normally scary and serious Kim Tae Woo doing the variation on a boogie woogie, so cute!

Dance teaser for Romance is a Bonus Book: