Rumors Say Treasure 13 Haruto Kept In Contact With Sasaengs, Only The Pretty Ones


After Treasure 13 member Haruto’s recent controversy involving him showing his middle finger to the other Treasure 13 members for gathering around excitedly around their phones to watch the MV for BLACKPINK’s comeback singleKill This Love’, rather than focus on him for his birthday, a rumor saying that the Japanese K-Pop idol was contacting sasaengs have been circulating online.

The rumors say that he even vid chatted with some of the pretty sasaengs, where he showed off various gifts that he received from fans.


haruto treasure 13


Many netizens have been reacting to the recent rumors saying that it was no surprise coming from an idol affiliated with YG Entertainment.

While BLACKPINK seems to be doing their utmost to rebuild their agency’s reputation, it seems that YG Entertainment will have to really manage their idols a bit more carefully so that their efforts won’t be in vain.

Hopefully, Haruto isn’t giving sasaengs any motivation to continue their abnormal and obsessive behavior as it represents a toxic and unhealthy fan culture that can potentially be dangerous to both sides.

How do you feel about Haruto’s recent publicity?




  1. i love nct and love treasure 13 but um why nct fans in their business like that and why are they dissing most of yg’s idols when a lot of the stuff that comes out is never confirmed and often isn’t true. Also, wow a 14/15 year old boy was upset that his members weren’t paying attention to him on his b-day ‘so shocking’… he is a kid like he is my age he could be doing way way worse then getting mad at his members… i have also seen other articles saying that this proves he hates blackpink but this simply isn’t true just because of one post….. but hey that is just my opinion and nobody needs to care about it.