S. Korean Netizens Choose Hottest Idols That Debuted In 2019

itzy yuna

JYP Entertainment

2019 has been a wonderful year for K-Pop as there have been several new idol groups emerging in to the scene.

Among them, a select few female idols have caught the attention of a popular online community in South Korea.

They have been chose as the prettiest idols that have debuted in 2019.

You can check them out below!


Yuna (ITZY)

Born in 2003, Yuna falls in to one of the youngest new K-Pop idols in the scene. She’s capable of pulling off any hair color and is proving herself to be the next K-Pop queen much like Suzy when she was in JYP Entertainment.

itzy yuna



JiWon (Cherry Bullet)

Having debuted in January 2019, JiWon took the K-Pop scene by a storm with her visuals.

cherry bullet jiwon




Hailing from China, YiRen has won the hearts of the South Korean public the first moment she stepped in to the scene through ‘Produce 48’, as she ranked #1 as the best visual for the entire season.