Sana & Momo Will Appear As Judges On ‘NIZI Project’

sana momo


‘NIZI Project’, JYP Entertainment and Sony Music’s joint collaborative program which aims to create a girl group that will mainly be active in Japan has long been attracting the interest and curiosity of fans.

Of course, the idea of it also was rather quite controversial in South Korea as many domestic fans criticized JYP of being too favorable and amicable with Japan.

Being a survival program mainly related to Japan, it is also quite fitting that the two Japanese member of TWICE, Sana and Momo, will be appearing as judges in the show.

JYP Entertainment’s ambitious project definitely signals another addition to their family of girl groups consisting of TWICE and ITZY.


The girl group formed through NIZI Project is reportedly debuting some time in November 2020.

Stay tuned for updates!

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