‘Save Me 2’ unveils chilling posters featuring main cast


On April 8, OCN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama Save Me 2 released two posters featuring lead actors Uhm Tae-goo, Chun Ho-jin, Esom, and Kim Young-min.

The show is a loose sequel to the 2017 thriller Save Me and an adaptation of the 2013 animation film The Fake, which revolves around a religious cult that threatens to embezzle an entire village. Uhm Tae-goo (More Than A Maid) stars as a short-tempered man living in a village called Wonchuri. Esom (The Third Charm) plays his sister, a nursing student who can’t wait to get out of the village. Chun Ho-jin (My Strange Hero) potrays a sweet-talking con man who plans to establish a shady religious organization in the village, with the help of a pastor played by Kim Young-min (My Ajusshi).

The first poster features Uhm Tae-goo with a frustrated, almost manic facial expression and Chun Ho-jin with a dangerous face. Esom looks sad and vulnerable, with Kim Young-min bearing a resolute expression. Embedded within Uhm Tae-goo’s image is another image of a flight of stairs leading to a tiny church with a glowing cross sign, lending a spooky mood to the poster.

The second poster features the actors in a similarly dark setting, with the tiny church as the backdrop. In this poster, Uhm stares in disbelief as Esom stands behind him. To the side, Chun has his hands in his pockets in an arrogant stance. He is flanked by Kim in his pastor’s coat, looking as if he’s trying to make a speech.

Save Me 2 is Shut Up Flower Boy Band director Lee Kwon’s first drama since 2012. It is scheduled to premiere on May 8.

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