SBS Wed-Thurs Drama An Empress’s Dignity Wraps with More Makjang and Mid-teens Ratings


It’s time to say buh-bye to crazy and makjang-delicious Wed-Thurs SBS drama An Empress’s Dignity as it sails off without one male lead and maybe also without the other. The final episodes brought in 14.1% and 16.5% ratings as viewers tuned in to see if female lead Jang Nara will absurdly end up with previous not nice but now nice male lead Shin Sung Rok what with always nice male lead Choi Jin Hyuk not even around to film scenes for the final episodes due to a scheduling conflict. The drama apparently decided to use that opportunity to pick option 3 as Shin Sung Rok’s Emperor swanned off to the great beyond and the baddies either got jail or also death. Not sure what to make of this drama since just the drama stills along make me chuckle but hopefully this ending was satisfying for those watching along.