Script Reading for KBS Fantasy Drama Dan, Only Love with Shin Hye Sun, Lee Dong Gun, and L


A sweet and optimistic K-drama sounds like a nice escapist getaway for viewers currently bombarded with terrible real life news in South Korea. Leading lady Shin Hye Sun is following up a heartwarming drama in Thirty But Seventeen with another equally heartwarming sounding one Dan, Only Love. She plays a cold ballerina who doesn’t believe in love who is the target of a troublemaking fallen angel from Heaven played by L who needs to help her find love to get back up there. Of course he ends up falling in love with her himself and on the other side there is Lee Dong Gun as the human option she’s likely going to end up with. The drama is from veteran KBS PD of Queen for Seven Days, Healer, and Baker King Kim Tak Goo, with the script penned by the write of Lucky Romance. Hope she conjures up a better story this time around but she certainly has a solid cast to deliver it. The drama airs in May in the Wed-Thurs slot following Doctor Prisoner.