Search & Seizure Conducted On CJ E&M Reportedly Related To Produce X 101

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Breaking news reports of a search and seizure being conducted on CJ E&M have been released in South Korea.

At the moment, no detailed information has been revealed except that it reportedly had something to do with ‘Produce X 101’. Given that even a politician in South Korea demanded the prosecution to investigate the vote rigging controversy of Mnet’s survival program, it seems that the situation has escalated a lot more than most people expected it to.

According to the politician, the recent vote rigging accusations may potentially be a case involving fraud and corruption.

However, netizens who are convinced that the votes for ‘Produce X 101’ were rigged, have been expressing skepticism over whether the recent search and seizure would amount to anything.

Some have laughed it off as a joke by saying that if the police were unable to do anything about YG Entertainment’s recent scandals and accusations, they obviously wouldn’t be able to do anything to CJ E&M , a larger agency than YG.

The Qoo

“Really? The police are actually going to do something about CJ, which is even bigger than YG? lol”


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The Qoo

“It’s probable all the evidence has already been destroyed.”


kpop comment

The Qoo

“It’s a show~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

A substantial number of netizens believe that the recent breaking news is nothing but manipulated media play. Whether that ends up being true or not, only time can tell at the moment as we wait for the results of the search and seizure.

Stay tuned for updates!