Second Leads Play Tackle Thwarting Blossoming Romance Between Leads in Her Private Life Episode 8


tvN Wed-Thurs drama Her Private Life is like a meal that we’ve all eaten before but done exquisitely right. There are misunderstandings and hidden secrets, pretend kisses and imagery kisses, and now plotting second leads giving out false information to dissuade the leads from consummating their love. Here the leads Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook are hitting every beat in every interaction to beautiful nuance, I cannot look away from the way he looks at her and the way she thinks about him. When she’s taking pictures of him and then editing it before she gets to her beloved idol boy Shi An, it’s clear Deok Mi has fallen for Ryan and she quickly accepts and relishes it. Same with Ryan, he’s basically A++ boyfriend material already with how he takes care of her directly and secretly and OMG he’s lighting panties on fire everywhere with the way he smiles at Deok Mi. I may want to fillet the second leads at the end of episode 8 but if the delay is to make the OTP even more in love with each other before they confess and then make out passionately then I’m good with that.