Second Week for Her Private Life Keeps Ratings Steady in Mid-2% with Strong OTP Chemistry and a Sweet Story


Second week is always the stay or drop moment for most of my K-dramas and thankfully tvN Wed-Thurs rom-com Her Private Life solidified all my pre-airing excitement for it. It’s so darn sweet and sincere, writing two very likable leads and sticking them in fun situations to build their romance and chemistry. It’s basically K-drama rom-com 101 done right because of Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young. If it wasn’t them I may not be as enamored, but he plays Ryan with warm aloofness and a decent heart and her Deok Mi is competent yet girly with a side of fangirl silly. Their romance has all the hallmarks of perfect together but would never happen but for all the shenanigans and coincidences that keep bringing them together. His offer to be her pretend boyfriend to keep the crazed fangirls away is a fresh reason to pretend date, I love these two so much and they are as visually in sync as I expected. This one is a keeper!