Seungri Announces Retirement as Scandal Grows to Include Sharing of Hidden Camera Sex Recordings Via Text with Other K-stars Involved


K-pop group Big Bang is probably done with and its maknae member Seungri definitely is done with as he has announced his retirement from showbiz after the breadth of his current legal woes expanded once again. On the heels of running a club rife with violence and engaged in tax evasion by registering it as a restaurant, Seungri is now an official police investigation suspect for finding hookers for potential overseas investors in his various business ventures. Now his alleged misconduct has broadened to include being in a chatroom with other guys, some being K-stars, where hidden camera images and videos of women were being shared. Obviously the content is sexual in nature and apparently the chats are horrifically callous and odious towards the women being filmed. K-netizens are trying to find out who some of the other celebs are and so far it appears to be singer Jung Joon Young and maybe idol-actor Yong Jun Hyung. Also Park Han Byul‘s non-celeb husband was involved. UGH, so gross and if true toss them all in the slammer.