SeungRi Warned Choi JongHoon That Getting Caught Drunk Driving Again Can’t Be Silenced


According to news reports from SBS, a conversation between SeungRi, Choi JongHoon, and other unnamed participants talked about the drunk driving incident that Choi JongHoon was in back in February 2016.

Below is the conversation.


jung joonyoung chat room


Jung JoonYoung: JongHoon could have made it to the front page news.

Heo: It would have been huge.

Park: He could have become famous.

Choi JongHoon: Why would I make it to the news. I took care of it really quietly.

Kim: Quietly? Do you know how much effort Mr. Yoo put in to step up for you?

SeungRi: Don’t expect to get help the next time you get involved in a drunk driving incident. **** hyung shut everyone up using his own money.