SEVENTEEN 2019 Summer Comeback Confirmed


Great news for SEVENTEEN‘s fandom CARAT as the boy group’s 2019 summer comeback has just been confirmed by their agency, Pledis Entertainment.

According to the agency, the exact date still has not yet been confirmed but a representative of the agency did say that fans can expect the comeback to happen some time in early August. The reason why the date has not yet been solidified yet is because Pledis is currently deciding on the schedules for the comeback promotions.

Given that it’s been nearly six to seven months since SEVENTEEN made a comeback, it looks like Pledis Entertainment chose the right time for the boys to make a comeback as the summer is about to get even hotter with a brand new release by them soon.

In addition, the group’s world tour ‘Ode To You’ is scheduled to take off beginning on August 30th!

Pledis Entertainment

Stay tuned for updates!