SEVENTEEN Hoshi Accidentally Let The Entire Audience Know He Ripped His Pants

seventeen hoshi

Pledis Entertainment

What’s more embarrassing than having your pants rip during a performance? For starters, telling it to the entire audience.

SEVENTEEN performed ‘Home’ and ‘Snap Shoot’ during SBS’s music program ‘Gayo Daejun’. We all know how SEVENTEEN likes to give it their everything when it comes to dance performances as they are arguably one of the most well-known groups when it comes to eye-pleasing choreography. Hoshi seems to have lost himself in the moment so much that he ripped his pants while dancing.

As you can see below, he covers his face after noticing what happened.


As the group headed towards backstage after their performance, Hoshi talked about how he ripped his pants to the other members. Little did he realize that his mic was still on and that everyone, including the audience, could hear everything that he was saying.

You can check out the full clip below!