SF9 InSeong’s Respectable Academic Achievements Being Brought Up By Netizens Once Again

Netizens Aren’t Believing Someone Beat TaeYeon On The Charts


There are many stereotypes out there on K-Pop idols as some tend to have the idea that they are good at performing but are not smart.

However, there has been a rise in number of K-Pop idols who had proven themselves to have both the talents as well as the brain. One of the famous examples that we have is none other than Super Junior ’s KyuHyun, BTS ’s RM, Block B ’s Park Kyung and so on.

Recently, SF9 ’s InSeong is getting the attention of many because of his astounding academic achievement.

Netizens Aren’t Believing Someone Beat TaeYeon On The Charts

If you did not already know, it was said that he was accepted into Kyunghee University under the Department of Journalism and Communication. During his days as a high school student, he had actually attended 7 different academies and studied till 4 AM in the morning.

Many mentioned that his SAT scores was on par with the scores to enter Yonsei or even Korea University (top universities in Korea) but unfortunately did not pass the interview round. He was then later accepted into KyungHee University.

After making his debut as a SF9 member, he was even seen giving ‘lessons’ to his fans by holding short SAT crash course for them after trying out the mock exam by himself.

InSeong had also graduated from KyungHee University last year and is said to be enrolled in the Master Degree program for Hotel and Tourism Management in the cyber program of KyungHee University.

Netizens Aren’t Believing Someone Beat TaeYeon On The Charts

Seeing how InSeong was able to maintain his good grades and also become an idol, he had inspired many people to do their best. He had also appeared on “Problematic Man” while showing off his ‘sexy’ brain back in 2018 and also in 2019.

Are you also impressed by InSeong?